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Hey, I'm searching for a HTIB set-up for my condo. What I'm looking for is a set-up that has multiple HDMI inputs + wireless rear speakers. I would like to keep the price under $350-$400. I've found plenty with either feature, but not both. The reason I want multiple HDMI inputs is because I plan on using a wireless HDMI transmitter to stop from ugly wires running to my TV mounted above my fireplace. That way I can plug my XBox and cable box into my receiver, and have one wireless HDMI output going to my TV.

Is it possible to get a set-up with both of the features I want, for the price I want? Am I better off just looking for a 2.1, or sucking it up and dealing with the wired rear speakers? I already did the hassle of running co-ax underneath my moulding in my condo, and don't want to have the hassle of speaker wires there too. If I was smart I would've wired those in as well....

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Well first. Wireless really isn't wireless. They still have to be plugged into the wall, so there is no way around "seeing wires".

Lots of us here stay away from recommending wireless(beyond 2nd zone use) for 2 reasons...

1. It sucks.

2. You have to try 2-3 different ones out to see which one has the least interference with your microwave/cell phone/cordless phone/Wifi/baby monitors/security system...
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