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I have one PC with cable internet and I'd like to add a wireless router so I can:

- Access internet from my iPod Touch

- Download firmware updates to my Denon AVR 3808

- Download TV program info to my Tivo

- Access internet from my Panasonic V10

- Possibly stream on my Oppo Blu-Ray

- Access my iTunes library from my computer on the Denon AVR

I've ordered the USB Tivo wireless adapter and the iPod is pretty straight forward. However, what wireless router would you recommend? Also, the Oppo Blu-Ray player, the Denon AVR, and the Panasonic plasma all have ethernet ports. What would I need to purchase for them to access the wireless network? Would I need a device for each unit or could I connect them to a switch and then connect the switch to a wireless hub or bridge?

I'm in a townhouse apartment. The computer is upstairs, but it's just around the corner from an open area that overlooks the living room where the home theater components are located.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

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