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I'm looking for a Christmas present for my parents, but I don't really know very much about the systems I'm looking for. I tried Best Buy but the best they could do was tell me they didn't have what I needed. I also tried searching the forum but I didn't see any threads that answered my questions.

The house is already wired for speakers from a receiver. I'm looking to get a set of wireless speakers for the back patio/deck (at most 50 feet from the receiver through a couple walls). That seems fairly easy to set up.

The harder part is I'd also like to get a set of speakers for down on the dock, about 300 feet away, also wireless. There is power on the dock, so any equipment could be plugged in if needed. The goal is to be able to broadcast the same music at all three locations (house/patio/dock) at the same time or individually when needed.

Is there any type of equipment that would allow me to broadcast a signal from the house and allow the speakers on the dock to pick it up? It all has to be outdoor equipment. Any help is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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