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Wireless VGA streaming

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I have a device that outputs a VGA signal. It is in a remote location. I would like to take that output and send it via wifi to a computer. I cannot hard wire it.

Here is what I am thinking.

The device to accept the vga input converts the signal and has the ability to stream a live view via built in webpage. This same device has either wired(I can connect to wifi router) or wireless ethernet connectivity.

I would connect to the device vi IP and then open the web interface with a standard browser and view the live stream.

I know Epiphan produces devices that can accomplish this but they are thousands of dollars.

Can anyone recommend something a little less expensive?

Thanks for any and all assistance.

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Exactly what is the device?

Most computers have only VGA outputs, not inputs.

If you've miscommunicated the input/output requirements, you might consider putting a very inexpensive computer at the location of the device and doing the video connection to your main computer using X-windows or some other remote display protocol.

Edited to add: StarTech is another supplier of VGA-over-Ethernet hardware, with units typically costing $150 to $300. They're even available from Sears
viewing it would be directly on a display, though, not in a browser.
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