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Wiresless Surround Sound

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I am interested in adding surround sound to my new hdtv system.

Anyone aware of reasonably priced wireless speakers to get away from the problem of getting wires from point a to point b?
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None that have any place in any system that remotely aspires to high fidelity, sorry. There are a couple of very high-priced solutions starting to reach market (like B&O's), but nothing that's designed to work in a surround system, and nothing at all that's priced for mortals. Everything else available introduces audible noise, making them unsuitable for anything but background music that nobody is really listening to.

The current edition of The Perfect Vision has a review for the KEF Wireless System.

For $500 (MSRP ?), it provides a wireless bridge to your speakers. (note that's "your" speakers; it doesn't include speakers)

You can download the magazine for free:
Interesting looking product. The low-power amps might tend to mitigate against its use in a system intended primarily for surround music, but it's the first solution I've seen that appears even remotely acceptable for music.

I do think that the likely never-to-be-overcome issue of having to find an AC outlet for each surround speaker will continue to make wireless a non-starter for most situations. If you're going to have to run a wire down the wall anyway, you've already committed to the thing that most people have a problem with.

for those looking for outdoor wireless speakers, axiomaudio is about to roll out a new product very shortly which runs on solar powered batteries...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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