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Wiring 5 outdoor in ground speakers to indoor receiver

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I need help in understanding the series/parallel method of wiring in ground speakers. I have 5 Tic speakers that have a 14/2 guage output from the speaker that I want to wire with 3 speakers on one input and 2 speakers on another that already are fed to an indoor receiver. How do I connect the speaker wire to the receiver wire so it is a series/parallel method?
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I do appreciate the link and interestingly, I had already watched it but still need some explanation. I am installing 6 in ground TIC GS3 speakers in my back yard. There is already 14/2 wire attached to the speakers and I want to wire these six speakers to two separate input wires. I received a diagram from TIC but have questions regarding the diagram, link below.


If I want to have the best sound outcome, is the series/parallel combination the right way to go and do you need to have an even number of speakers to accomplish this. Also I have a very short span of wire coming out of the speaker so I will need to splice a section to each speaker just to connect them together based on the diagram above. I guess I need someone to talk me through this if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have the 70 volt transformer, or are they the 8 ohm versions?

best to wire like this though:

combination of series and parallel wiring.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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