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I've been scouring this board for the last couple weeks and still have some questions. Actually, I think I have more now than before! I have a PC (audio and video capability), Digital cable, 2 zone receiver, CD Player, DVD player, VCR, Phono, tape deck 2 large TVs (36") and 2 small (13 and 19") TVs, as well as a 10" LCD. The receiver (Onkyo TXSR700) also has the capability for a monitor to be hooked up.

I have wired my house with Cat5e for data and phones. I also have run 1 RG6 quad shield cable from to 5 locations.

My PC is right next to the whole distribution panel. My stereo and other sources are about 15' away on the same floor. No display devices are near the stereo or PC.

I would like to make the DVD, VHS and PC video available to all the TVs in the house. One (maybe another in the future) of the 36" TVs will also have a 6.1 channel setup.

Also, I'd like to distribute audio from the receiver (FM), PC (mp3s, etc.) CD, DVD-Audio, etc. to multiple locations, mostly not the same as the video.

I think I would also like IR capability for contol of the components.

My specific questions are:

From where should I run cable? Near the receiver or the distribution panel?

When I do run the cable, should I run RG6 (2) and Cat6 (2) to each location where I want to distribute video?

Should I run 16 gauge speaker wire to the audio only locations?

How should I run the audio for the HT setup?

No run of cable will be longer than 150'.

Thanks a ton!

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