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Wiring antenna to TV choice

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I have a rooftop antenna on my apartment building that I'd like to try and experiment with. The antenna is a cheap generic type with both VHF and UHF elements on it. It has a 300-Ohm wire connected to its leads that runs on the roof over to the area where it is then directed to run into my apartment. That area where is heavily hot tarred so that there are no roof leaks in my apartment when it does finally rain in Los Angeles. The section of the wire that runs from the antenna to the area where it then descends into my apartment has the brown shielding completely worn out and gone. All yo can see is the exposed copper wiring. I'm thinking this part of the wire needs to be replaced and that brings me to my question.

Understanding that I cannot change the part of the 300 Ohm wiring that runs from the roof to my apartment and can only change the part that is exposed on the roof. Should I replace it with another 300 Ohm wire? Or should I replace it with a RG59/RG6 wire with converters on both ends?

If the latter what brand/model of converters are the best?


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RG-6 is much preferred to RG-59 -- more multipath resistant and less leaky. I have no idea what the best converter thingie is, but I know that RadioShack carries some.
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