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Hi all,

So I had sort of diagramed out a/v location stuff on some 81/2" x 11" floor plans of my new construction house for my low voltage guy. He seems like he understood everything, so I am not too worried. But just for fun, I thought I'd give a wiring diagram a try. I thought I remember a wiring diagram thread where everryone posted there diagrams, but I searched on "wiring diagram" and went all the way back to November but didn't find anything.

I am a neophyte when it comes to this stuff, so it's only as technical as I get.

I am looking for opinions and suggestions on the not only the diagram design but also in any of the system layout. The LV guy is supposed to be started next week so any help would be appreciated. i don't have any fancy software, so I used the flowcharting function in Excel.

In a nutshell, to each a/v wall plate, I plan to run 2 coax and 3 cat-5 (2 of which will be taken by the AVAtrix. The coax will be for future use. I also plan to run 2 additional cat-5e to the phone part of the room for phone and gigabit ethernet.

Thanks in advance for your replies!!


Do to the size restraints of the forum, I had to split the jpg up into 3 files. Sorry about that. The wiring legend is on the third file.

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