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Ok I am going to begin rewiring my home, tips and tricks are welcome. I have decided to wire with Cat6 Cables, is 5 cables per location enough? Is it better to run different colors per locations or per zones? For example red, gree, blue and yellow to each location or zone1 all red, zone two all blue etc...

I want to have audio distribution, so for the speakers in the ceiling I will run audio cable, wondering if I also need to run audio cables to the wall so that I can connect them to the televisions? I was planning on using baluns for video. What gauge cable for the speakers in the ceiling and if I need to run audio cables to the wall, what gauge should I purchase?

How many RG6 should I run per location? One last question, I am still on the fence Crestron vs other DYI solutions. I thought I was going one way then felt like going the other arrg decisions lol Anyway If I decided to go crestron, should I run a dedicated cable for crestnet or can I use a cat6?

Thanks in advanced for the help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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