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Wiring my house for whole house audio, just need basic guidance

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I am currently running network cables in my walls to the major rooms and placing WAPs in the ceilings where it matters.i want to run whole house audio in the major rooms and deck but I don't know what the modern best practices are.i do have all network cables running to a small network rack in a central location. Do I run in wall rates speaker wire to a bunch of spots I want speakers to the same rack using a banana plug patch panel and then from there I ...do what? What about controls for the audio sources? I know so so so little about whole house audio I don't really even know where to begin. I want modern. I want sexy. I already have 11 holes in walls to patch up so I don't mind the insane effort to wire up the audacious.i just don't really know enough about this to know my options.
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I should add that I don't intend this to also be my home theater speaker system. I want it for music and maybe games playing on multiple TVs. I do have two Denon receivers that I can use but I don't need to be dedicated to that as my solution.

If there are any good overview guides, drop those links. I did search for it,but I kept finding products rather than the more general concepts of what my options are and how to compare them with my needs
Contact HTD and let them guide you. Something with the 1240 or 1275 amp, using bridged mode for the outdoor speakers, perhaps? They will know the best solution for what you are trying to accomplish. Voice activation? Wall controllers?

Home Theater Direct – Factory Direct Speakers & Whole House Audio

HTD Multi-Channel Amplifiers
Have you considered a lot more cost effective solution like placing Amazon Echo Dots in each room? That's what I did, then added all of them to an "everywhere" group. When I get up in the morning to get ready for work, I say "Alexa, play The Brew Portland everywhere" and poof my favorite Portland radio station is streamed throughout the entire house.
I'm using Sonos equipment for that, and it works great! No wiring (unless you want in-wall speakers), and no controllers -- just my iPhone/iPad/Laptop/Desktop.
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