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witch to buy need advise

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I am about to purchase my first projector . have narrowed it down to the benq pe7800 and the panasonic ae700.would like input from present owners of both units.pro`s and con`s.
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witch to buy need advise...

Personally, I prefer the seductive and sultry Wiccan goddess vs. the classic "old-hag" style with the traditional broom. If you have any kids around, you may have to be extra careful and install an oven lock. ;)

Sorry...couldn't resist the seasonal witch humor.

As for the PE7800 and the AE700, I don't have anything to add. I do, however, like my Sony VPL-HS10.

Good Luck!
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Sorry pwor, we're not going to sum up all the information here for you in your own special thread.

If you can't find info on the projectors you're thinking about, then you're not even looking.

Must be the season of the witch.
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