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Hello folks,

With the removal of analog audio output, what is the vast installed base of analog wireless headphones to do? The behavior I'm looking for is audio routing through the speakers, and through headphones simultaneously. It's remarkable that blu-ray player manufacturers would remove such an helpful tool for the general public, and further, in my opinion, it's borderline malicious against those with hearing impairments. For the general public, I used to prefer and recommend Sony blu-ray players, such as the 2012 model BDP-S590 or its Costco equivalent, but now will be forced to turn elsewhere. I believe that most/all manufacturers will have to remove all analog audio outputs shortly due to Blu-Ray Disc Association policies, so I'm left wondering, what does the future hold with regard to seamless wireless headphone connectivity as it pertains to blu-ray players married to audio/video receivers?

Thank you,

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