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With the new ATI 5.13 Drivers??

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I've got my new HTPC up and running:

Uneed X15e case

Asus A8N-SLI Premium

AMD 64 x2 4200+ Manchester

ATI AIW XT1800XL 256 meg

2gig Crucial Twinx PC3200 dual channel

Plextor 716A

Samsung 40 gig SATA HDD (OS)

Samsung 200 gig SATA HDD (more to add later)


ATI Catalyst 5.12

I've not loaded the ATI MMC or any other software at this point. I have downloaded Sage 4 trial versionbut have not installed.

At this point I'm curious as to what to install before the 5.13 release, if anything.

I don't have any DVD software on it, but was going to head the generally accepted direction of ffdshow, descaler, dvdshrink, and ttek.

With the new capabilites brought about by this release, what wuould the best direction be?

I would prefer to eliminate as much experimentation with this machine as I possibley can. After all, I am using a MS OS.

Thanks for your ideas.
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WOW nice rig! If you don’t mind me asking how much does a computer like that run? Geez I would almost say that is overkill. Naw nothing is overkill! I would definitely wait till Thursday if you can. ATI is supposed to release a new CAT 5.13 and a new MMC then. Those two programs should give you some pretty outstanding results if all of the reports are accurate. If you want to setup Zoom, Descaler, and ffdshow in the meantime then I am sure that won’t hurt. Are you using your Samsung monitor with this HTPC?
Thanks for the complement. I may just wait until Thursday and check it out. I'm maybe overly concerned about repeatedly installing and uninstalling different programs. After all, it is Windows. I really hate it when Windows gets all buggered up.

Haven't hooked it up to the Sammie yet, just have it on a desk for now on a 17" LCD. I rushed my previous two HTPC's and never got back to doing much refining on them. I'd like to perfect this one before setting it up with the TV.

Also, in the past I hadn't experimented with any front ends, just gone with the ATI MMC's, only tried some of the DVD players after someone accidentally installed one of the players from a movie DVD. Messed me up! After that I had to use DVDIdle Pro to keep my DMA set and bypass Macrovision even though I feeding the Sammie by DVI.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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