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All, I doubt this is a PS3 development, but more of a Windows7 development.

I was sharing my music and video folders so that I could play my MP3s from my PC on my PS3, but my PS3 was also able to see my WTV recordings, too.

The PC is serving up ~8Mb/s Mpeg2 files; the bandwidth of the HD WTV files is 16-18Mb/s. The PS3 can't pause, forward, or rewind...but it DOES play them, and most of the HD quality seems to be there.

I'd imagine this is going to be true for just about any DLNA compliant media player, but I only have one...and my 360 which I use as an extender.

Note that the copy protected CableCARD recordings do not play, but ClearQAM HD recordings do play on my PS3. I don't have any legacy DVR-MS files, but I'd imagine Win7 would serve these up, too.

The 360 extender does play CableCARD recordings in full bandwidth, though. Windows 7 rules. Justin Long is not going to have much to talk about come October I think
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