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Don't know if there are any old timers around here that might know, or who may have a similar issue, but I thought I'd ask anyway ...

I've been using a Linkplayer2 to stream from a Mac (originally a G4 on 10.3, now a Mac Pro on 10.5.8) using wizd 2.4. It's been working very well until just recently.

For some odd reason, the Linkplayer won't connect to the server anymore. It can see the server, but when you select in the server list, it tries and fails to connect. I've tried several different media servers (llink, myihome, ...) and the results are always the same.

I can connect to the server from a PC no problem. But, no matter what, the linkplayer won't connect.

I even dug out my ancient Eyehome box and it also can see the server, but can't connect.

I'm thinking that maybe a recent software update may have caused this issue, but I am at a loss as to how to debug it.

Anyone seen this problem? Any tips on how to solve it?
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