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Womble (MPEG-VCR) not so accurate edits?

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What am I doing wrong?

MPEG-VCR v3.14 on a Win2k Pro SP4 machine.

It's supposed to be frame by frame accurate when cutting out or saving segments right? I'm not so lucky.

1. Open original mpeg2 downloaded from 5040.

2. Set the Mark-in and Mark-out points and then do a GOP Trim

3. Resulting mpeg movie is 'shifted' about 5 to 10 frames to the left (sooner)...In other words, I have to adjust the Mark in/out further in to compensate (annoying!)

Any help is much appreciated!

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If you have the Frame Rate set to Fast (F=15 Frames) or Medium (M=3 Frames) then the editing is not frame by frame. Make sure that you change back to Normal (N=1 Frame) and you will get Frame acurate editing.
Like whirly said, if the speed is set to "F", Womble only goes to I-frames, which on Replay files are 15 frames apart. I wasn't aware of a "GOP Trim", but that would imply that the cut is only made at already present I-frames. If you slow it down you should be able to trim at the P and B frames as well, making it frame accurate. When Womble saves, it automatically turns the cut frame into an I-frame, effectively closing the GOP and starting a new one.

I recommend that you set your mark in and mark out point at the beginning and end of segments you want to KEEP and copy them to the clipboard. Then reverse paste them (last clip to first) together on the workspace. This prevents the extra frame that seems to get passed when you use the Goto Mark-out key.

GOP trim is new to me too. What's the date on 3.14 you have? there's about a year of releases with 3.14 version number (dumb as you can be...).
FWIW, I run all my 3020 files thru Womble 3.14 (08/2003)'s GOP ("ALL" selected) before attempting any edit. So far so good, and no sync problem.
Thanks for all the replies folks.

I do have my frame rate set to 'N' (Normal) when editing, still gives me the 'time shift'.

I'm using Womble 3.14 (08/2003). Here's a dumb question; What does 'GOP' mean? It's obviously an important term but I still don't know what it means.
Uhhh yeah. Right, Grand Old Party. Thanks.

...Anyway, found a proper tutorial on what GOP and I-Frames and such are all about. I think I've got some clues to troubleshoot this down now.

If all else fails, I'll have to resort to adding black frame filler.
Are most people using the Womble "Video Wizard" or "MPEG VCR"? I downloaded the Video wizard because that's the one that had the discount. I really like it. No sign of the "Time Shift" you speak of.

By the way GOP is Group of Pictures. I don't have a clue what Group of Pictures means, so could you send me the link of that tutorial?
That's right. GOP stands for Group of Pictures. Here's one of the more easy to follow journalistic articles that describe the MPEG-1 and -2 standards: http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~nd/surprise.../article2.html .

Ahhh, fixed it!

Instead of using the GOP Trim, I copied the clip to the video clipboard and pasted to it's own workspace and saved, that worked out perfectly.

Thx again for the replies folks!
That is a great link tim! I did a quick skim and it looks pretty good. I know all of what is talked about, but it's a good link to pass on.

I've played with womble but can not figure out how to actually cut stuff out and wind up with something I want. For the most part, I need something that doesn't take TONS of time to do - womble seems to take a lot of time for cutting out GOCs (Groups of Commercials). If Someone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, maybe I'll be able to save some stuff to DVD.

Another question - those replay files are HUGE. They appear completely uneconomical for keeping. How can I convert these files from BIG files like 4gb down to about 700mb?

Go to DVDRHelp.com and you'll be able to find tutorials on using womble to remove commercials...IMO, womble is one of the best products out there for working with replay files.

Yes, files are large. But considering you can take them and put them right to a DVD without having to re-encode I think it's well worth it. If you're looking to archive the files on your PC then go to DVDRHelp.com again and look for tools to re-encode the files to smaller sizes.
Womble Mpeg Video Wizard is a piece of cake for editing. Drop the mpeg in the timeline and editing becomes very easy. Fastest scrubbing of any editor I ever tried makes it easy to locate commercial points.
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