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Womble not loading RTV mpg

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I recorded a 2 hour show in medium quality.

I transferred the show using DVA.

I can play the show on my PC.

I can play the show from the PC on both Replays in the house.

I have never had a problem opening an RTV mpg with Womble before.

I have had problems where womble would open a standard quality 30 minute mpg and think it was only 12 minutes. (not related though)

I click on open, select the mpg and nothing happens other than the file open dialog window closing.

I can open another mpg with no problem after (and before) the failure.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Have I left out any important information?

This is a windows system, so any suggestions for other programs to use should bear that in mind :)

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You didn't mention trying to repair it with the RTV tools. Have you?
No, I've never used them and after reading some of the recent posts, it looked like a lot of the stuff out was now geared towards 5x00 model RTVs.

I guess I'll do another search and see if I can find a link to them.
Now, if by repair it with the RTV tools, you meant to rtvconvert/evtdump/rtvedit the file, I've now done that (it didn't remove anything other than the first .8 seconds or so) and it still won't load into womble. . .

I have been able to load it using my dvd authoring software and could edit it using that, but it's rather difficult to manipulate the video using that clunky editor and then it would re-encode it for the next few days (or some undetermined length of time).

Anyone else have a suggestion (or did I not follow the previous suggestion properly)?

Is this the only file that won't load into Womble? If not, Womble may have gotten corrupted somehow.

As far as that goes, it probably won't hurt to reinstall it. Maybe even check to see if there is an update.

If all that fails I guess I would check to see if I could reschedule another broadcast of the show for recording or request it from somebody else.
I've experienced some similar quirkyness with Womble before and rather than trying to open the file for editing I just ran it through the Stream Converter in Womble (under the tools menu), basically just demuxed and remuxed the streams without changing anything and the new file opened fine. There's a lot of possible reasons why you might be experiencing the problems that you are, so this tactic might or might not do you any good. Keep the original copy of the file around just in case.

(PS: might also want to run it through the RTV tools again, or even have the RTVtools output demuxed streams and then remux with womble or TMPGEnc)
I've seen this too. Strange when it happens and unsure what I did to fix it the few times I encountered it. I believe #1 is always try restarting your PC, power off and all for a few minutes.

Reinstall womble can't hurt, but I don't think it will help as everything is in one file anyway. Maybe it got corrupted, but I suspect odds of that are slim. But, that step can't hurt!

Lastly this is going to sound strange. But look at free space on your boot drive (partition) and the drive where the file is located. Sometimes there was something funky with these conditions, but I can't remember exactly what happened if you had low free disk space.
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