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Hey everyone,

I acquired a lot of material from a very generous and active member of this board for theater construction. I'm ~70% done with my theater at this point and have a ton of it left over. I want to pass it on to anyone here who can pick it up and put it to good use. There are 2" wide strips of 3/4" MDF and 1/4" plywood cut into various lengths. They were cut in order to form 1" x 2" strips to make acoustic panels. I barely made a dent in the stock since I went with a different plan. I also have 1" insulation cut into somewhat crude 2' x 2' squares. I used an electric knife to cut it. If I finish my panels by the time they are picked up, you can have the knife too. I'll post a pic of everything tomorrow and try to get a full count.

If you're interested, I'm located in Central NJ, 10 minutes off of the Turnpike.
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