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Woody On DVD

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I was recently going through my boxes of old VHS tapes (almost fossilized now), and realized that there are few Woody Allen films on DVD. Does anyone have any info on when these might be released? I'm particularly fond of his late-70's/early-80's films.



Stardust Memories...

I would even enjoy owning a copy of Crimes & Misdemeanors on DVD.

I realize that Woody is probably more unpopular than ever, however I still take great pleasure in watching his movies. If I held bias toward the personal lives of filmmakers, and let it influence my enjoyment of their films, then I would have no choice but to find something else to do with my life.

A legend who deserves a nice boxed-set.
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I just checked. Most of the films you mention are available at dvdexpress.com
Actually I think that there are 2 or 3 WA boxed sets.

John Moschella
..Guess I should shop around more. Thanks for the info!
I don't worry too much about Woody's private life misbehaviors; I think Pauline Kael summed it up twenty years ago when she said (and a certain Shakespearian Swede may take issue with this :D ) "Isn't it sad that Woody Allen wants to make Ingmar Bergman movies after we've all gotten tired of Bergman movies?"
E Man,

I think that most, if not all Woody’s movies are on DVD. Regardless of Woody's personal life his movies still sell very well. Just check Ebay and try to get any of his movies at a decent price, which should tell you something about his movie’s popularity.

The movies you have referred too, you can get in box sets. I think there are 3 different box sets out. The first one has 8 of his movies, the second one has 5 movies, and the third set has 6 movies.

The problem with Woody's movies on DVD is that he only has them released in 1 or 2 channel sound. This is probably the way they were recorded at the making of the movie and with his style of movies it probably doesn’t really matter much anyway, since there’s not really much going on for the surround channels.

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Yes, Woody Allen doesn't like surround sound. He only uses Dolby SR to reduce noise. In fact, when one of his most recent movies was played, the cans with the film reels contained a letter by Allen to all projectionists requesting that the surround speakers be switched off.

Oh, and he doesn't like extras either...

Well hes an interesting director and I like his films, but have yet to venture to the cinema for them. I think there are a few missing from DVD and that his recent Hollywood Ending looks pretty bad.

Is Scenes from the Mall avail?
Somehow I never got to like his films, of course all of his films are out of my genres.
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