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Woofers etc for real??

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Has anyone delt with woofers etc or sonic electronix?? Is their product genuine/authentic or are they knock offs? Are they refurbished? Anyone bought anything from them?? Please let me know...
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Most of them are refurb, ask for warranty..
I have bought from them. They are usually not an authorized dealer, so you are stuck with their "warranty." Their site always lists products as being in stock, but when you call it rarely is.

They also have a terrible return policy, credit only.

I got lucky with them, but I would not recommend them. They are authorized dealers for CDT, which is a very good brand. I bought their speakers and I am very satisfied with them. I bought a JL Audio amp, which is great, but if it bites the dust I am SOL.
Thx guys, I think I will pony up with the cash and make sure what I am getting is real. Cheers!
I think Diamond Audio actually had a rant on their site about Woofers Etc. They were taking their speakers apart to file off the serial numbers inside. Shady.
Woofers ETC. is a known distributor of knock off Focal stuff.

I'd stay away.

Originally Posted by nozerider /forum/post/0

Woofers ETC. is a known distributor of knock off Focal stuff.

I'd stay away.

Damn it! I just bought a hifonics 1206d from them :-(. It's working fine. Is it something I should worry about??
They're an authorized CDT dealer and sent me speakers that were a $200 upgrade when they ran out of the ones I ordered.
I've used them for a few things (I remember a Nakamichi HU) and never had a problem. I'd buy again.
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