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Woo's "Stranglehold" collector's edition has hddvd exclusive "Hard Boiled" in Blu-ray

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I just saw this today...it looks pretty cool, especially since I like Woo and Chow-Yun Fat:



Sony has long preached about the gaming benefits that the Blu-ray Disc drive is affording to the PlayStation 3. While we may not yet be seeing the direct advantages of the extra 40-plus gigabytes in gameplay, John Woo's Stranglehold game offers PS3 owners an exclusive not found on the DVD version for Xbox 360 and PC.

In addition to the game, a collector's edition of Stranglehold on PlayStation 3 will include a full-length, 1080p version of John Woo's critically acclaimed action film Hard Boiled on the same Blu-ray Disc. Stranglehold collector's edition will retail for $69.95, $10 more than the regular edition, and marks the first movie and game hybrid disc for the Blu-ray format.

Interestingly enough, the Weinstein Company, the company who owns the rights to Hard Boiled in North America, is an exclusive HD DVD supporter. Stranglehold may be the only place that Hard Boiled will touch in the world of Blu-ray Disc, as the standalone movie-only version of the John Woo classic will logically be an HD DVD exclusive.
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This is a non-story other than the fact it's a cool thing for PS3 owners. NO one else will be able to watch the movie until it gets cracked, ripped and redistributed two days after it's released.
I myself am excited for the game moreso than the movie. I would not expect miracles, as the Region 0 version I saw was like many Hong Kong films of the era, downright ugly. Perhaps it was the VCD-like compression, but this thing was as soft as a baby's bottom and as detailed as the surface of a bowling ball. Never the less, this is totally a starmaking movie for Fat and going to be a very interesting game if pulled off right, I mean christ, a move that releases Dove's as mowing down victims with dual handguns? This is why I'm alive.
I quick use of the search engine brings up several threads on this topic already. Here's one

So now we need to buy video games to watch movie classics?

The PS3-ification of home theater is already showing its influence.
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