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a group of people around the coder of multiAVCHD (Dean K.) figured out a way to homebrew HD DVDs playable on Toshiba A2/3 while using the AVC (H.264) video codec (x264).

Main Advantages:

- a 6000 kbps 1920x1080 AVC encode will put an almost 3hr movie (like Troy) on a DVD+R DL-9 which plays at really nice quality on a Toshiba A2/3 (I did this myself, and yes it rocks!)

- only freeware involved (Dean would appreciate a donation for his hard work, consider that he lives in Bulgaria a country which is not among the top ten economies) , NO I am not Dean just a satisfied user

Disadvantages (things to do):

- subpictures not working (only hardcoded)

- chapters (due to the lack of time required to reverse engineer the HD DVD Ifo structure it has not been implemented so far) - looking for helpers!

- audio is restricted to AC3 448 kbps

- video is restricted to 1920x1080p @ 24000/10001 frame rate (which I personally don't see as a real restriction as AVC @ 6000kbps looks great even at full HD resolution)

Steps involved:

- provide a source video + audio

- import into multiAVCHD

- follow tutorial to setup

- burn using ImgBurn

- enjoy

YES, it is that simple!!! Thanks to Dean!!!


- for NVidia users: you can use Donald Grafts DGAVC/MPEG/VC1IndexNV + DGDecode + AVS script to speed-up conversion through 'outsourcing' the video decoding + resize operations to a performant GPU (VP2 CUDA engine).

If you guys interested I can post x264 settings, otherwise I'd recommend you use multiAVCHD to keep it simple.


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I have made hundreds of HD-DVD's with X264 encoder just used DVD Movie Factory 6Plus with the HD-DVD plug-in for authoring. Here is a thread with more info-

Good to see there is another way to author HD-DVD's on Doom9 forum.

Mike T
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