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World Series watchers thank you, 3.0!

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Thanks to the new overshoot protection, I was able to see the 8th and 9th innings of the game. How dare Fox list the show as lasting only 3 hours? Using ReplayTV 3.0, I was able to record the show from 7 pm to 10 pm CDT and have it record an additional 120 minutes past 10 pm.

Bad news was that the Yankees won, but perhaps ReplayTV 4.0 will address that little problem ;-)
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Because any baseball game that isn't in extra innings, or posting more than 20 runs and is nearing the 3rd hour they should start drastic measures. I.E. batter coming to the plate with a 3-2 count, shooting managers, and or players who stall the game. There is NO reason a baseball game should run that long. Pitchers who have to touch their hat, rub their pant leg, rub the ball for 10 seconds and the spit towards the foul line before every pitch and batters who need to go through some similar long ritual between every pitch are ruining the game. Also the networks are to blame. Network commercials between innings should be cut off as soon as the teams have switched sides and the pitcher is ready for his first pitch.

Similar things can be said about football and most other sports. As far as basketball goes they should only be 5 minute games. Just start the game with 5 minutes and the score tied at 85-85 like most basketball games end up anyway. (can you tell I'm not a basketball fan? <G> )


Wayne Dunham

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I'd like to see baseball deal with the reality of television and the reality of shorter attention spans today. One simple way to do this is to do what other sports do, and only allow a small number (i.e. 3) of timeouts per game.

I rarely sit down and watch baseball anymore, because batters seem to think they need to step out of the batters box all the time to try to get the pitchers out of their rhythm, and pitchers return the favor by stalling to get the batters out of theirs. While they're playing their little mind games, I'm sitting at the computer with the game in the background. I don't have time for this crap.

Stay in the damned batters box, batters. Throw the damned ball, pitchers! Umpires should have the authority to and be encouraged to call a strike on a batter that is stalling and call a ball on a pitcher who is stalling.

Oh, and call the strike zone as it is defined http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
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I remember hearing something a long time ago which went something like, in a 3+ hour football game (which has only 60 minutes of game clock time to start with) there is only about 12 minutes of actual football action.

Although I haven't timed it, it's probably fairly close to that. I noticed there's just about 30 seconds between a whistle blow and the start of the next play (thank you, Quick Skip) and when I sit down to start watching a game I've got storing on disk, I usually can catch up pretty fast to the current point by skipping ads, halftime, time outs, between plays, etc.

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