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Worst DIY Installs Ever Part 3

By Steve Crowe
Be thankful your electronics aren't set up like this.

As Thanksgiving approaches, there's certainly one thing I'm thankful for: the electronics setup in my home.

Now I don't have anything spectacular, but it's nowhere near as horrifying as what you're about to see.

We've rounded up some more awful electronics installs from our friends at There, I Fixed It and White Trash Repairs.

We have also included a couple reader-submitted photos of bad installs in our Worst Installs Forum. We're always looking for more, so if you see a bad install, snap a photo and send it to us.

Satellite Antenna

"Moved in here and they had a dish but I was to cheap to subscribe. I decided to mount 2 regular antennas on the dish with zip ties. Gets great reception. Taken in Marianna, FL"

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The article is WORST DIY EVER, but some of those solutions were actually quite clever...

I liked the router in the NES game.

The use of large paper clips to hold the ends of cables is rather ingenious. Sometimes you have to make do with available materials. I was expecting an article about awful professional installs.
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