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I'm looking into options for a subwoofer for my garage I'm having built. The garage is 26'x26'x9'6". The sub will be used primarily for music but I am also planning to put a projector in there so there will be some movie use as well.

I am thinking I either want sealed or something that has a grill over the ports to keep the random vermin out. It does not need to be perfect sound quality since it is a garage.

For my speakers I am thinking about using a set of JBL studio 530s I have sitting around that I was planning to use as surrounds for my HT system.

Options I am currently considering are:

  • Using the 3CF knockdown kit from PE and a 15" MFW15 driver I have sitting around (I upgraded to the turbo package so I still have the old driver) and buying a 500w plate amp.
  • Buying the 3cf knockdown kit and DA 15" Ultimax from PE plus 500w plate amp. (most expensive option)
  • Buy one or 2 BIC 12" subs
  • Put some sort of PA sub in there like a Behringer VQ1500D (this only goes down to 45hz)

Any thoughts on if the MFW15 driver is worth the time and effort to build around? Any other ideas? Trying to keep this project around $500 or so.
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