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Worth fixing a Hitachi 53swx?

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I have an Hitachi 53SWX10B and last night the red gun I think went bad. I'm getting a red vertical smear on the picture on either the left or right side in 4:3 mode. White text is reddish and at first it looked like I was watching a 3d picture without the glasses on. Most text from the TVs menu was hard to read. I did the magic focus and that helped a little. I also left the tv on over night running in full screen mode to see if that would help. Work it a little was my thought. I didn't improve it by much though.

Is there an easy fix for this or am I looking at a big repair bill? Can I expect other problems to creep in or is this a usual problem with this TV?

Also the age old question is it worth it to fix it?


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I think four years is about the most you can expect out of the current technology.

I'd view this as an opportunity to upgrade and not feel badly about it.
cant hurt to check and see what it will cost to repair. especially if you are happy with it. however you could upgrade to a sony (cant find smileys ) (been drinking)

but for real if it dont cost much fix it, if you have upgradeitis replace it.
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