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I have a 2 year old laptop with a 1st gen i5-450M at 2.4Ghz. Approximately how much faster would a new 3rd gen i5-3210M processor be at encoding raw bluray files to reasonable sized MKV files?

I am ripping full bluray files which are 20-30 GB and then using Handbrake to re-encode them to ~5GB size. Handbrake settings are 1080p and RF:18. I am getting ~6 fps on encoding which is ~6 hours encoding time on a 90 minute movie.

The Passmark score is almost 60% higher for the new chip but I have no idea how this translates into encoding time. Is it worth the upgrade for this alone? The computer is fine for everything else (I put an SSD in it recently).

The context of this question is discs I own, not pirated copies.
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