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Would anyone want "The Thin Red Line" on D-VHS?

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I mentioned the same thing over on the HTF and wanted to do the same here... So far I have 4 D-Theater tapes and think Fox is doing a great job with them. One Fox title that I'd love to have is "The Thin Red Line" and thought if there was enough interest in the title we could request it...

What do you think?
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I think asking for any D-Theater title is like beating a dead horse. Although anything they put out is welcome. I'll sign up for it if you set up a list.

Does anyone know what criteria Fox (or any Studio) uses to select D-Theater titles? Alien is a potentially huge title, yet American Pie is getting more promotion (what little there is).

The way things are going it seems one day soon the new releases will just stop.
I'd buy it. In a heartbeat.

But I'd rather have PATTON.
Better ask for a new transfer. HBOHD has shown a cropped version of this, and beyond the damaged caused by a LOT of zooming, the transfer is nothing to write home about, which is a tragedy...Beautiful movie

FOX has perfect 1080i transfers for both films in their proper aspect ratios. HBO simply zoomed their transfer.
I'm all for anything they wanna release on D-VHS outside of the Mutant Ninja Turtles. THIN RED LINE I like, Patton I adore with a passion!
I personally would like to see Fox "FINALLY" release, "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid", and "The Sound of Music". I've been very grateful for their recent releases (Alien, Moulan Rouge, X-Men 2), but I feel that if you announce that your going to release a title, you should eventually do so!. Chris
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