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Would it be prudent to buy an X box?

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I have a PS 2 hooked up to my Onkyo S770 and 42 inch ED consumer Panny. Happy with the PS 2 but definatly notice slow down issues at times, like on ESPN 2k5 for example. Im considering getting an x box. Only $150, price of 3 games. I've also played (friend brought over) an x box on my tv, and the graphics look great and the load times are great. Also would be able to play Halo 2. However, ive heard MANY speculted dates about next generation, specifically x box 2 coming out earlier than the others, possibly next year? ANyways, given all of this, what are the boards opinions on picking up an x box?

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I'd say it's a great time to buy an Xbox. The price is down and there are tons of great games... many on the platinum list ($20).
How often do you play games? If you play once in a while I *might* wait until Xbox 2 comes out next year. However, if you play often, then there is a wealth of gaming that only Xbox has.

If you play regularly you shouldn't miss Halo, Halo 2, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive 3, or Knights of the Old Republic.
If XBOX 2 does come out next year, and I somehow doubt it will, it won't be until the very end of the year. So you still have a good solid year of XBOX gaming ahead of you if you get one now.

I own all 3 systems and xbox is really the only one I play so, take that for what its worth.
With Halo 2 less than a month away now is probably the best time to buy an XBox. The RUMORS of holiday 2005 for XBox 2 are certainly no reason not to buy one.
Yes, Xbox 3 will come out in 2010. Stop playing all games until then.
I've been on the fence for the last month, since I got my 720p set. It probably does make sense to buy one since I could always ebay it or give it to family member later, but i haven't pulled the trigger.

here is what im waiting on:

a) smaller updated model at $149 (Xone)

b) regular xbox at lower price

c) xbox2

It may seem silly but when I look at the entire cost including controllers, games, hdpack, etc, I think I would rather spend the $$ on next gen.

I just recently threw out my 1.8Ghz P4 for a 3.0 because it was too slow for Far Cry, so its hard to get too excited about a 733Mhz console.

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Much as there are (credible) rumors that the Xbox 2 will be out next year, there are (credible) rumors that the Xbox will see a price drop during the holiday season. I, personally, don't know how they can lower the price much more but there has been talk in analyst circles.

I know you mentioned in previous threads about wanting an XBOX because of the 720p support. However, there really aren't a whole lot of games that support 720p on the XBOX, so definitley don't pick it up on the basis of there being a lot of HD gaming to choose from. However, 99% of the games on XBOX do support 480p, which is definitely a plus.

Anyway, my recommendation is to make a list of games that are must play games, be it past, present, or future games. If many of them are on XBOX, then I think it is worth purchasing.

Also, I heard MS is going to offer a new holiday bundle this year for the XBOX, so you may want to wait for that. Chances are there will be some stores offering excellent deals on black friday, so keep that in mind too.
Prudent or not, I went and purchased an XBox yesterday!.

Set it up last night and it looks fantastic. Now I just have to figure out a couple more games to get. :)
Sure - pick one up. But you might be able to save a few bucks if you wait until December and see what holiday specials are offered. And don't overlook picking up a used one on ebay.
Originally posted by nothru22
Yes, Xbox 3 will come out in 2010. Stop playing all games until then.
No way man. I sat on the bus next to a janitor at the company who is secretly developing the rubber feet for Xbox 3 (MSFT internal code name is Don Julio for those in the know). He assured me that the development of the next generation rubber feet (very stable, non-slip, leaves no marks on stacked components) was ahead of schedule and MSFT would be releasing Xbox 3 (Don Julio) no later than June 2009. Keep it hush hush though - don't want to cost him free urinal cakes for blabbing.
>>really aren't a whole lot of games that support 720p on the XBOX

yep, gue$$ ill $ave up for next gen... maybe a couple DS systems to tide me over...
Suck it up dude and buy one. You're going to miss a lot of great games if you don't. I just signed up on Xbox Live and it's awesome.

Here's some great games to buy:


Project Gotham Racing 2

Rainbow 6 Black Arrow

Sphincter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

NCAA Football 2K5

Ninja Gaiden- (beautiful game)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Star Wars: Battlefront

Full Spectrum Warrior

These are just the ones I've played. There are many others I'm sure.

Upcoming games:

Halo 2

Doom 3

Half-Life 2 (if rumors are true)

Forza Motorsport
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Go buy an XBox. It is worth it for the Dolby 5.1 support alone. I can't think of a game on XBox without 5.1 support. PS2 support for surround sound is weak at best with some games supporting PLII and a few DTS 4.0. Try Chronicles of Riddick in surround vs. stereo and you will HEAR what I mean. :)
holiday bundle (oct 31) just announced:

ncaa 2005

top spin

xbox live trial



hmmm.... i would have rather seen racing games. neither game supports 720p. i'll probably go ahead and grab one if nothing better comes along.
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Check out the major stores ads for Black Friday. Last year many ran their own special bundle.
Guys thanks, great info . . . certainly moving toward getting one. One Q: can anyone explain x box live to me, and how much it is for how long etc? thanks

EDIT: does anyone think its better than PS 2 online? Im a big SOCOM fan and ESPN video games, SOCOM is decent on PS 2 online, but ESPN suck...any difference?
I've had Xbox live since it came out ( I was a beta tester) and i think its great. The retail cost right now is 69.99 for one year of service, the headset and a game which i think is currently crimson skies. Yearly renewals are 49.99. Compared to the ps2 online i think it works alot better. The overall interface is better and more standard whereas on ps2 some companies do a decent job and some not so great. There is generally less lag and your able to see your friends online no matter what live game their playing, send them invites, invite them to chat and on newer games you can even send them voice messages. The newer games like rainbow six black arrow have built in clan feature where you can set up matches against other clans. If you think Socom is fun online halo 2 is going to be CRAZY!!!!!
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