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would like to show off to friends - best flick?

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I am just about done with my HT. But I have noticed that there is certainly quality differences in software. I would like some recommendations on great titles to show off with :)

Some Ideas I have pulled from this site:

Crouching Tiger


vertical limit

cast away

the beach

I would like my guests to experience an exciting movie, fun too watch, but also beautiful to look at.

thank you for all your help.
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I just got Driven, and I love the music and colorfull picture. I use this one sometimes because the picture is so good. Gladiator outside battle scenes are also good ones.
Fun and captivating story, beautiful to look at: Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life would be at the top of my list. They have great & pretty visuals, good sound, and a great story, IMO. These movies i can watch again and again and again, and i can find very little, if anything, that i don't like about these movies.

I also like Titan A.E., it has some very good visuals as well, and the sound is pretty good too. Story-wise it is not as strong as the other two though i think.

The Matrix is a nice action flic, interesting story and has action scenes with cool visuals and sounds.

Star Wars Episode 1's Pod Race is pretty cool too i think. The sound is amazing, and the visuals on the big screen are pretty cool too. I'm not sure the entire movie would be as captivating though...

If you're into it, Final Fantasy is amazing visually.

Gladiator is a great "classic" type of movie. It has great imagery, good sound (DD and DTS), and the story is pretty captivating & interesting (and it's 2.35:1, which on my screen is better than 16:9 movies :D).

The Patriot (Mel Gibson) and Braveheart are good "classic" type movies too. Good story, good picture.

Have fun showing off that HT :)

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That person has a good list, but I would add Men in Black and Starship Troopers for young adult folks and maybe U571 for older adults.

I really like Titan AE visually and sound, my wife actually wants to show our system off with Godzilla (1998) with Matthew Broderick.

Happy viewing
The Fifth Element

Tarzan, the animated version. Ditto Bug's Life and Toy Story.

Dances with Wolves for a good story and lots of scenery.

Men in Black

Independence Day, although there are some uncomfortable parallels with recent destruction in NY.

Charlie's Angels ... funny, lots of action.

Mission Impossible 2
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Believe it or not, Star Wars the Phantom Menace and the Mummy2 would be fun disks to show off a new system, also the Superbit version of The Fifth Element looks and sounds great!
I show off the movie "Cutaway" starring Tom Beringer and Ron Silver the rest are unknowns. The story involves Sky Diving using 'parasails' instead of old type parachutes. I never did this although I had my own hang glider, I bought it used the owner taught me how to fly it price $1,300 color Yellow. Being a TT driver pays well I could afford such frivolties.

Now when looking back I am glad I did what I did, not feeling sorry that I blew the chance.

Colorful and I do mean that word for all the chutes were orange, but the ground and ocean they are jumping over is breath taking. Jumping from 15,000 feet the camera men get a lot of steady-cam visuals the movie also has some jumping at night the sights of the city lights, swimming pools that are lit up are quite a sight coming down to. My 2¢ fellas, my pneumonia is letting up a tad, my doctor said next week you can spend more time 'out' of bed than in it and that's great news.:)

Basis for the film is drug smuggling, but this is a visually stunning movie to show off to your friends. I was in the 'stores' electric vehicle up at walmarts when I first seen the disc. I liked Tom Beringer so I bought it not knowing much about the movie, was I ever in for a treat.:)
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Don't forget Armageddon, Apollo 13, The Eagles Hell Freezes Over
Vertical Limit: combines a pristine 1:85 transfer with beautiful mountain scenery. Very film-like looking. If you want great explosions with good panning in the surrounds, this is the one to get. The plot is kind of dumb but fun, however; the picture and sound quality make it a great reference for a demo.

The Fifth Element superbit: simply the best transfer out there! Do a search in this forum for all the positives about this one.
Originally posted by hob
I show off the movie "Cutaway" starring Tom Beringer and Ron Silver the rest are unknowns.
I thought Stephen Baldwin and Dennis Rodman were in it too, along with some kid from a TV show with Suzanne Somers, Step by Step I think it was called, he was the little blond smart kid with glasses (stereo type much?)

Good movie, Like you said some great camera shots. I only saw it once, about 2 months ago, I never heard of it in the theaters though. Oh well, maybe I should go look for the DVD.

I think "Dinosaur" (Disney) was good, so was "The Princess Bride" That has to go down in history as one of the best movies ever, The whole family can enjoy that one. "Saving Private Ryan" is good, and "Ronin" has some of the best car chases ever. "X-Men" another one people like. And a personal favorite is "The Shawshank Redemption".
I would say the superbit Desperado? Not to hard to follow and kind of funny. Or any of the superbits!
Other than all the great titles hinted from the other messages, i'd add "Fight Club", "Tomorrow never dies", "The mask of Zorro", and (why not ), even "Predator" DTS and the new release of "Total recall". :). "Terminator 2" from Artisan would be good too but consider theese last three basically have "older" kinds of soundtracks, so they won't provide such effects (on the rear, most) as the latest though being very crisp and powerful.

Have fun!
I will be making use of all of the recommendations here.

thanks for taking the time to respond :)
May I add Blood : The Last Vampire?

A bit short but very impressive!
This movie is georgius on DVD. I am using my RCA F38310 as the HDTV I view it on my Sony CX860 (300) it's movie 209. I know it by heart, to me they were unknowns, especially the girl who played the character 'star'.

Yesterday I was watching "Timecop" with Ron Silvers as a bad guy to Jean Claude Van-Damme on HBO high def on cable. In the movie "Cutaway" he played a D.E.A. agent, the guy that went under cover I just couldn't place him. "Wufo" is just like "Jafo" in "Blue Thunder" nics for newbies.

Enjoy the film only don't get into watching every week or so like I did. It reminded me of my 'able' days and the foolish things I did an got away with when I was younger.:)
From what I hear nothing beats HDNet. That is assuming that you have HDNet and they are showing something you and your friends are interested in.


The Patriot

Perfect Storm

Gone In 60 Seconds

Broken Aarow

These are just some of the DVDs I would chose from. All of them are filled with great visuls and awsome audio. All of them are in DD, dont know about DTS.

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I wholeheartedly recommend Shrek as it is the most beautiful looking movie that I have yet seen on DVD (the PQ is better than Toy Story 2).
I haven't seen anything better than Spy Kids! Just rented it and boy am I impressed! It looks gorgeous, better than anything I've seen before. I am talking great detail, superb contrast and black level, and color saturation is perfect very vivid yet never over done. I am playing this movie at 8' wide and let me tell you, if all DVDs looked this good I can live without HD DVD for a long time. BTW my projector is LCD (SonyW400Q) and that means not very good blacks but with this movie it always deliver great blacks..I was stunted. Ok...deep breath...ready.

I may seem very excited but you should see it for yourself. Beats my previous reference DVDs by a mile. I am going shopping tomorrow.
I always start with my favorite, the opening sequence of Lost in Space and watch my guests jaws drop. It's perhaps the best all digital space sequence I've seen with great sharpness, colors, black depth and definition with no visible EE.


Are you sure about Spy Kids, I just rented it last week and the EE was pretty bad, almost intolerable at times.
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