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Would this work (zone 2 split)

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I have a denon 3312 with three zones. I ran a 75 ft rca cable to my garage for zone 2. Instead of me running another 75 ft for zone 3, can I split the rca signal for zone 2? Would there be any sound quality degrading?

I also want that split rca signal to be powered by a cheap receiver from craigslist. I have a porch right off the garage and a deck above that. I would like 2 speakers on the deck, 2 on the porch, and a sub inbetween. Would that be possible to run it like that?
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There’s no problem splitting the 75-ft. run. You do know, however, that technically it won’t be an independent zone? It’s just Zone 2 in two different locations.
I would like 2 speakers on the deck, 2 on the porch, and a sub inbetween. Would that be possible to run it like that?
“Cheap Craigslist receiver” or not, the ability to use 4 speakers will depend on the particular receiver. If all else fails you can always use a so-called speaker selector switch.


Wayne A. Pflughaupt
to ParanoidDroid:

re "I ran a 75 ft rca cable" -

Since rca cable/connectors are unbalanced, a 75' run could cause hum due to a ground-loop. (There's more to the ground-loop issue - you could google it.)

You also mentioned that you ran "a" 75 ft cable, implying you'll only have one of the stereo channels at zones 2 (and 3). A better way to do it - and have stereo capability too - would be to use cat-5 cable with stereo audio baluns at each end. Passive baluns would be fine for your application. There are dozens available, for example Intelix AVO-A2-F - http://www.avovercat5.com/products/avoa2.htm

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YeaI know technically its not a third zone, but would be three seperate areas on zone two. Its actually a decent receiver,Denon AVR 486. Only 3 years old. I figure it would be cheaper to buy a receiver on CL than to buy 2 2channel amps.

Im going to have several wires running along the wall in a cable hider.

3 ethernet (2 will be hdmi to cat5)

1 rca

1 hdmi

This is the reason im possibly splitting, so I can reduce wires. Btw u mentioned noise/hum....which wire would cause that?
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The rca cable can cause a ground-loop, hum and other issues. Did you "google" gound-loop yet?

Here's some of what wikipedia says: Ground loops....are a major cause of noise and interference in audio and video systems. They can also create an electric shock hazard, since ostensibly "grounded" parts of the equipment, which are often accessible to users, are not at ground potential.

RCA cable causes the risk in long runs because it is unbalanced, i.e. one-half the signal rides on the ground wire which in your scenario is grounded at 2 different points 75 ft apart. Balancing the signal with balums and cat5 would alleviate the issue.

(Don't forget that if you decide to run 1 rca cable anyway, in spite of a potential ground loop, you won't have stereo.)

Re your plan to run 1 hdmi 75' cable: it can get spendy for hdmi cable that long. You wrote that you're planning to use 2 hdmi to cat5; why not make them all cat5.
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