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Would you buy a discontinued rear projection TV from an on-line retailer?

The company is OneCall.com and they're a authorized Toshiba e-tailer.

I hope I can say that because I'm very interested in customer feedback on this company. According to Toshiba, they sell only new, factory sealed, units.

The price is good but it's too much to just "write-off" if there is a problem and I'm not satisfied.

How would I handle obvious freight damage or damage that was not disclosed until the unit was opened (they're talking curb-drop service)?

What if the unit is defective and needs manufacturer warrantee repair work (the e-tailer and I are separated by 3,000 miles)?

What if Toshiba doesn't have the resources available to fix the unit under warrantee because it's discontinued?

If anyone has any insight/experience, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks to all in advance.

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Problem with Onecall is return shipping and return policy if somthing is not perfect.

Given the shipping charges envolved, Many reputable local dealers should be more than willing to match the price.

I would take ten minutes to call all the stores in your area to find out first.... just call them, ask for a manager, and tell him that your about to buy a bigscreen online and was just double checking what they could do before you submited your order.

I bet you'd be suprised at what they will do to earn your business.

Marc Alexander bought a Panasonic from Onecall If I remember right... and he had probems that would have been alot easier had he not bought it online....

I'll ask him....

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OneCall Return Policy

Our goal is to provide customers with timely service in the event a return is necessary. We recommend that you carefully read the following notes detailing our return policy:

OneCall accepts returns of factory-sealed, unopened, new merchandise within 30 days of customer's receipt of the product; or returns of defective new product within 15 days of receipt. The customer may choose to receive a product exchange or a credit by the same means payment was made. Unfortunately, OneCall is unable to accept returns of the following items:

Cut-to-length audio or video cable
Televisions delivered by motor freight

Satellite Receivers

Personal Video Recorders

Factory Renewed Merchandise

Special Order Merchandise
I have bought from one-call in the past and will buy in the future. However, I will never buy something that cannot be returned. My Panny PT56WXF95a was DOA (died after 3 days of operation). Panasonic's local repair and corporate service was a joke. After 3 months with no progress, I tried to contact onc-call for assistance working it out with Panasonic...they were of zero assistance. Once I disputed the charge with their credit provider, they finally put me in contact with the panny sales rep. Once they ship you product on the above list, they are completely hands off. Please consider other options, especially when dealing with brands with lower reliability history. The savings is not worth the hassle should you ever encounter a problem.
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