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Wow, new GR-HD1 clips - w/ fast boat action

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I'm putting this thing on my Xmas list after seeing all the clips that I've seen. There's some great exchanges going on over at DVInfo.net with regards to this wonderful camera.

Check out this for 8 additional mouth watering clips from this camera.

I hope the next iterations of consuer HD camcorders are at least this good. But until then, my money's on the HD1/HD10Us!

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Were you referring to my clip or one on dvnet.net ?


Ooops! Yeah, I was actually referring to your boat clip, but I had just watched those other clips right before posting this thread.

Sorry. But, there are 8 more clips at the link I posted above.

The clip Troy was referring to is here.

I did want to mention that I did have the camera shutter locked @ 1/60 of a second. All other settings were automatic. If you don’t lock the shutter the results are very jittery like others have complained about. Locking the shutter is not difficult and makes all the difference. I think JVC should make a firmware change and re-evaluate the algorithm used to determine shutter speed because using the camera in full automatic mode is simply unacceptable because of jitter with any kind of motion and I am sure have resulted in lost sales. The boat shot was taken very close to dusk so the lighting was poor hence the color seems to be off but in actuality the color was very close to real because of the poor lighting conditions.

The other clip of the flower and cat were done with bright mid-day sunlight, IMO the detail in those shots are amazing for a camera in this price range.

Many people are expecting the results from the camera to look like something shown on HD Net @ 60 fps. But the simple fact is that 30 fps will just not look like video. The results I see from the camera have a very much film like look that for me is fine…but maybe is not for everyone.

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OK, a bit off topic, but DAMN that is a fast server you have those files on. I am getting 1.3MBytes per second download time.

Bob, you got a T1 into your place?

Originally posted by MikeEby
The clip Troy was referring to is here.

The other clip of the flower and cat were done with bright mid-day sunlight, IMO the detail in those shots are amazing for a camera in this price range.

I attempted to run the clip in WinDVD, however the file only plays for about 5 seconds then WinDVD crashes. Any clue?

You should change the file extention to .trp and it should play with no probelm on WinDVD 4 or higher. That's what I use to view the HD1 clips.

There are additional clips at the link I posted at the beginning of this threa as well that are great (and new).

Where is the pixelization and panning problems all the naysayers were talking about?? These clips have convinced me I've gotta get one, especially the boat clip and the night scene of the "bridge". I'm just pissed that I waited so long!

-- Gary
what other programs can I use to view these files? I have winmedia9 right now and thats about it...
I used WinDVD 4 that came with my Asus Motherboard to play the clips. You can also use VLC available here: http://www.videolan.org. IMO VLC does not deliver picture quality and it will not play files over a 10/100 network as smooth as WinDVD, but it does work well for local playback. If you download the demo version of Elcard Decoder from http://www.elecard.com/download then play the files in Windows Media play 9. The Elcard decoder is a demo version that has a watermark in upper right of the screen and only will work for a week but it will play the file very well.

Wow, I am getting 425KB per second on my wireless connection! I wish I could upload that fast.

While the video looks good for a video camera, it isn't good enough to replace production cameras. Maybe it looks a lot better for studio work...
The other clip of the flower and cat were done with bright mid-day sunlight, IMO the detail in those shots are amazing for a camera in this price range.

Many people are expecting the results from the camera to look like something shown on HD Net @ 60 fps. But the simple fact is that 30 fps will just not look like video. The results I see from the camera have a very much film like look that for me is fine?but maybe is not for everyone

yes these are very nice camcorders but imo they can't touch a professional hd camera's output; nor did i expect it to.. i happen to return mine as the ee was horrible at times on some outdoor lite stuff,( and i didn;t want to mess with getting and using filters to tame it ) but people say that the pro version is different, does not have an excessive amount of ee, and i am considering that model of teh camcorder

i imagine the next generation of hd camcorders will come alittle closer, but fall short, even if they are 60 fps; i believe it will be a long time before we have hdnet quality shots from camcorders..

from what i have seen with the pro version of the jvc HD camcorder i think i will be happy with it..

i was temped to wait the 6 to 12 months to see what the other makers comeup with since the hdv camcorder spec was set, and includes 1440 by 1080, but time is to precious for me to wait
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My Dell P4 has built in AGP Video onboard. I don't seem to be able to play the file at all with VLC or Elcard Decoder. Screen goes black for 20 seconds, then computer goes to Windows safe mode w/ error noted.

Any ideas?
Figured it out. Has to do with the hardware acceleration control.
but imo they can't touch a professional hd camera's output

You should check out this thread over at DVInfo.net. They compare the JVC HD camcorder to the Sony HD CineAlta with amazing results.

Some great stuff being discussed over there, many owners, it would be worth a read.

but they suck.....

i got to use a friend's consumer version last weekend at the vikings pregame tailgating; on pass from the hospital, i went because the cheerleaders were signing autographs and take pictures for charity.. And i am a charitable guy and realized it would be a chance to take some pricdtures of pretty girls in hd . ;)

unfortunately most of footage had trouble with excessive ee or over sharping at high contrast object /area transitions. so most of it looks artifacty in that respect, and it was blown out often in light areas. overall bad looking ( yes much of it is my fault as i don;t hav enough experience with the cam or the needed exrtas) Often even facial features were affected by the over sharpening artifacts :( a waste of time in teh end. one clip was ok at best tho

you really need to use filters and pay very close attention to how light is cast on your subject. not a point and shot cam. but to those with experence it has potencail.. but hopefully other models will do better in automode or allow more conmtrol. though i think that hd will always be more demanding to work in and with ; but there is room for improvment in this camera design and function
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troy that link appears dead
Link works for me, not sure what the deal is on that.

Nothing against you or your cameraship, but I've seen nothing but the greatest clips from this camcorder. I've accumulated every clip that's been presented and aside from some slight stuttering (which I figured as PC based and not the camcorder's fault based on feedback from another owner), these clips are simply amazing. I've never seen the excessive EE that you keep referring to. Yes I do see some very, very slight EE on some of the GR-DH1 (consumer) clips, but like I said and everyone else says, it's slight.

I'm viewing the clips on a Mits 55" widescreen HD set that has been ISF calibrated. The clips are run from a Dell P2.4 with 640Mb of memory out the VGA port to a breakout cable running a customer HD resolution from Powerstrip.

Unless your viewing these clips on a 200" screen, I can't possibly see how the EE seems so excessive to you and not to anyone else, even the owners.

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i still recommend the hd10. Did even today

Just recognizing an issue i feel at times can be a problem ( with the hd1) - that does NOT need to be there. And that the camera is more demanding then the average camcorder, if you are concerned about the picture quality produced; which i am fine with and honestly is what i expected/... Also some of the control designs and layout don't make it any easier to work with on the fly, i think they could be improved too

In fact, i think these jvc hd cams can be worked with to give about the best imagines possible for the money. As evidenced by some of the posted footage; that btw much of which was shot with the use of filters to control the highlights exposer and the sharpening effect i mentioned..

i have seen owners of even the hd10 comment on over sharpening too, but maybe they have 200 inch screens ;) or are also imagining the problem. Tho ironically I have not seen what i would call an excessive amount of any shots from the hd10 . so i don;'t know what they are talking about. i see no sign of excessive oversharpering/ ee myself with the hd10 footage but i still believe it is possible since these owners claim to be seeing it n some shots

jvc themselves admits that the hd1 has more edge enhancement the then hd10. That the hd10 with produces a more natural and balanced image. Which from looking at the footage i find objectionable from teh hd1 describes exactly how i wish the footage looked; so i think that the hd10 will be a better choice. And i expect to be happy with it, as for teh most part i was with teh hd1

all that said, most images with the hd1 look fine with no problems., look very good, to great, imo; but under certain conditions i feel the hd1 unnecessarily goes off into the weeds.

Now I imagine this could be worked around,( i have seen others advise how to do so on a hd10 and would imagine it would work to some extent on the hd1) but that is not always an option when shooting live events. And i don't think the cameras need to be doing this, adding this much sharpening, ee under certain conditions .. BUt this is not a problem that shows up on all or even most shots, most look as amazing to me.

And i am (hd1), or was an owner, so i don't think i hold a basis against the cameras, in fact i have another, a hd10 on order. As the footage i have see from it generally looked better in respect to ee... Shots that looked like they could have exhibited problem did not.

Maybe i am not the one with the basis, maybe there is an owners basis. And they overlook, ignore or make excuses for the issue, as it is not by any means present in ever shot..

jvc acknowledges that the hd1 is designed to add more then teh hd10. i think that at times the hd1 goes too far. i honestly don;t think i am imagining this at all, and think it is a issue for the hd1 camera. Visible even on normal sized hd displays. After your post i looked at the footage i still have and i honestly easily see thre problem

so I recommend anyone interested in these cams give the hd10 a serious look. everything i have seen from it is great, and i liked the hd1 enough to buy the hd10 myself ..

could be i object to this sort of thing more then you or others ; but i never have been an ee freak, i usually don't mind it on dvds or don't see it as easily as others.. But maybe it looks more out of place with hd, or to me it does

As I siad, I have seen other owners refer to the issue, - at first i thought they were nuts, till one day i got a shot that had the problem. It jumped right out, was obvious

Even teh link you provided mentions that the hd1 has more (sharpening i think is how they put it), then teh hd10. I think the hd1 would have been better off with out this extra enhancement.. And i bet their next version has less or it is made deflatable via user controls...
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