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This thing looks SUPER!

it even claims to have TWO hdmi

and a cable card

anyone have this set or see it in stores yet?

its got a black border all the way around the sides and has silver side speakers

the thing that looks wierd is the fact that it has the on off indicator on the left side of the speaker... or at least it looks that way, thats kinda odd

32" LCD flat HDTV Pixel Plus 2 HD


Turn up your viewing experience

with Pixel Plus 2 HD

Enjoy the ultimate viewing experience with this Philips integrated HDTV with premium picture quality from Pixel Plus 2 HD, and the latest in LCD technology. Share music and photos via the built-in USB connection


Screen Size: 32" diagonal

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen

Resolution: 1366 x 768

Brightness: 550 cd/m2

Contrast Ratio: 800:1

Response time (typical) : 8 ms

Display: LCD WXGA Active Matrix TFT

Viewing angles: 176H/176V

HDMI-component PIP

Digital Media Reader

USB 2.0 memory class device

JPEG still pictures, MP3, slideshow files

PLL Digital Tuning

Plug & Play

Closed-captioning w/full text

Child Lock + Parental Control

7 widescreen modes

Smart Clock

Remote control: RC4345

Power: AC 110-120V (+/-10%)

Tabletop stand


36.7†x 20†x 4.7†H

Weight: 42.5 lbs.


Virtual Dolby® Surround

Graphic equalizer

Dynamic bass enhancement

Sound power: 2 x 15W RMS



Video playback: NTSC

Aerial input: 75 Ohm F-type

Cable: Digital cable ready CableCARD, unscrambled digital cable-QAM


Audio L/R in

Component video in





S/PDIF digital coaxial

1,2,3Fh autoranging


Headphone out

S-video in

USB 2.0

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This set has been mentioned in a couple other threads recently & has really caught my eye. I was waiting to hear some more reviews before driving out to CostCo to see it.

Previously I was leaning towards either buying the Sharp LC-32GA5U at CostCo (same price) or waiting for LC-32D4U that's getting released next month. However, the Philips has 4 things I really like:

1. Dual-HDMI (although only one component)

2. CableCard

3. 8ms response time

4. Great design w/the black & silver (important to the Mrs.)

The new Sharp D4U will have a CableCard and a faster response time than the GA5U (12ms vs 16ms), but I'm not as big of a fan of the black finish on the set. Also, the stand on the Sharp is a couple inches wider than the piece furniture we want to put it on, but the Philips stand would fit. (I really hate it when furniture-considerations affect technology purchases, but that's life for you. :rolleyes: )

The two reasons I'm holding back on buying the Philips set are:

1. PQ - Philips sets seem to get a bad rap around here, and I want to see some good reviews by people who know what they're talking about. (Although FWIW, the specs sure do seem good.)

2. Price - My timeframe for buying a set is between now and January. I'm tempted to wait for prices to come down later in the year. I know they'll drop at some of the big-name retailers, but I'm wondering how much they'd fall at a place like CostCo.

So has anyone bought this set (or the 37") and evaluated it properly calibrated?

(To the other poster - IIRC, Sam's Club has the older Philips model w/18ms response time. There was a thread about that set a few weeks ago, and the reviews weren't positive.)

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Actually, I'm interested in this set as well. I still want to see what the new 32 inch w3 from westinghouse is like, but this set sounds quite nice.

My only issue is that the maybe $300-$400 price difference (account for shipping from a reputable place like JR) will become more like $500-$600 after tax and shipping from costco. Are these sets normally available for pickup? Or do you get forced to pay for shipping to your door?

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Originally Posted by ChicagoBearsOwn
you know this set sounds like it has really good PQ, because reading about it at the phillips site, they claimed to have used NEW technoligy to make the PQ 10x better than other lcd's
May I suggest you stop swallowing marketing like it's filet mignon and realize its palaver.

You are going by Philips own words to determine its a great TV? What else are they gonna say, "Our new LCD TVs are, well, about as good as everyone else's. Buy from us, we have only one L in our name."

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May I suggest you losen your ass hairs?

Im simply saying they are using NEW tech in this set, thats the difference from the sams club model and this model offers a better picture than that one

should i lie and say they are using OLD tech? would that make you a happy camper?
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