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WRGT-DT(Fox)/WKEF-DT(NBC) Dayton, Ohio Currently On the Air!

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Getting 90~92 Readings from WRGT-DT 30 - Fox Dayton. It should remap to 45-x on receivers with PSIP info/Off-air Guides activated. Using a RCA F38310(DTC-100), and a CM3010 "Stealthtenna" from North of Middletown, Ohio, 12 Miles from the Dayton Towers.

Did a little test, and this station is now the only local Digital I can get with an indoor antenna!(a "old" wire type bowtie, not the fancy RS DBT) This should bode well for Cincy folks trying to pull it in.

They are showing a blank screen on 30-1, and a 480i SD channel on 30-2 with their standard programming.

Hopefully, we'll see "Fox Widescreen" 16x9 on 30-1 !

On another note, Noticed that WRCX-LP 51 Dayton went dark last night at 12:05 am, presumably to make way(again) for WKEF-DT 51 Dayton.

Is anyone getting a lock or any signal from WKEF-DT 51 (NBC) Dayton?

Thanks for any replies.

[Edit 4:30 PM -- WKEF-DT is on the air now also! Yahoo!] :cool:
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No luck here in Florence. My tuner is finding a very faint analog signal on 51. God knows from where. Antenna's pretty directional.

No good with 30, either


Wouldn't be from WKON-52 in Owenton, would it?
WKEF-DT 51 Dayton is now on the air!(4pm) Getting a steady 83 from the CM3010 "Stealthtenna" ...

Jerry+Doc, I was a little hazy early this morning while dx'ing, but I could have sworn also that I got a lock on a analog 51 to the south while using the VU210. Couldn't get to the non-screenblanking TV fast enough to see If I got a pic, as all I got was a blank screen on the "DTV TV".


So far, WRGT-DT is the only Dayton DTV station I can get a lock on with an indoor antenna. Not just a lock, in fact, but a perfect signal with no dropouts. I need an outdoor one for The Dayton towers which are only 12 Miles away from me, as well as the Cincy/N KY ones which are 33~39 Miles out.

I would think a decent outdoor setup would do well for you from Florence for the Dayton DTV's if you can deal with the HOA hassle you said you would run into, but then again, for 30 you would have to point right through WXIX-DT's tower, so you might get some adjacent channel interference/intermod from 29, especially if you are using an amp ...

However, I don't think the 1st adjacent channel interference problem for DT's would be anything like what it is for the analogs ... I know I'm interested in seeing what happens here when WDTN-DT 50 (ABC Dayton) comes up right alongside WKEF-DT 51! The towers are only a mile or so apart!
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Wasn't that WRCX coming off the back of the antenna? Don't see anything analog on 51 anywhere near other than that or WSFJ out of Newark (But that's a bit far away and more NE).

My status as of 11:00pm 5/1:

WHIO (41) - off the air (temporarily I hope)

WKEF (51) - getting a 16:9 picture on 51-1 and a 4:3 picture on 51-2. Can't wait to see if they "flip the switch" for Leno tonight!

WRGT (30) - getting a 4:3 picture on 30-2 only. 30-1 "acts" like it wants to show a picture, but doesn't.

Neither 51 or 30 maps to a virtual channel.

A question: Does anybody else experience a much longer delay for the WHIO-DT picture to appear after switching to it than the other digitals?
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WHIO-DT seems to be "sporadically" on and off air as of late, HD from them has also been a bit sporadic as of late. Also, Haven't really noticed the timing issue concerning switching to WHIO-DT, but that's just probably becuase I haven't checked it very closely.

WKEF-DT and WLWT-DT (NBC Cincy) Both had Leno 4x3 tonight. Since WLWT-DT has been good about it the last few days, I think maybe it was a network issue, or possibly a non HD repeat(?) ... I think I did see Leno around Olympics time HD on WKEF, so hopefully it'll be back in HD.

Was going to check 30-1 tonight to see what happened during Fox Network programming, but was watching "Frontier House" via KET digital and forgot all about it! I did notice earlier today when 1st switching to 30-1 that I seemed to get a frame from the last station I was tuned to, from a buffer of some sort, then just a blank screen.

Also, I think all 3 of the Dayton stations are currently operating under a STA from FCC, So I'm not sure what their operating schedule will be for the near future.

Also, Jerry,

It Couldn't have been WRCX, they went off air last night at 12:05 a.m. and didn't come back on after that. I think I might have been mistaken, and I hadn't done a new channel scan on that antenna this morning as I had the other one, so just saw the analog "leftover" from where WRCX used to be ...

Take it easy, :cool:
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Wasn't watching last night, but I have had to call WLWT Engineering several times in the past few weeks to remind them to "flip the switch". Did anybody try to watch Crossing Jordan this week on WLWT ?? The audio and video sync were off so bad it was unwatchable. The PQ looked great, but man was it annoying. I couldn't stand it, had to watch the SD broadcast.
>>> Wouldn't be from WKON-52 in Owenton, would it?

Possible. I'm going to fiddle with the antenna this weekend and see what I can do. I need to get an address on Dayton's tower locations for accurate pointing. This thing's really picky. With the better WLWT-DT signal, I might can move it over a couple of degrees to the west. Before, I had to be dead on to WLWT to get a lock.

All the Dayton towers are extremely close to one another, and are located about 1/2-1 mile West of I-75 and about 1-2 miles south of U.S. 35, generally between I-75 and Rt. 4 --- A couple of miles or so WSW of Downtown Dayton.

Here's the precise coordinates of WRGT-DT's tower, All the other Towers for Dayton Digitals and analogs(except for WWRD-LP 55 Centerville/Bellbrook) are within a mile or so of this, all the towers are within a 2 degree difference in bearing from my location from 12 miles out :

39 ° 43' 28.00" Latitude

84 ° 15' 18.00" Longitude

Hope you have some luck+WRGT-DT gives us 16x9 from Fox ... I did See a fellow on another post from Batavia was pulling all the Cincy+Dayton DTV's in, so, that's a good sign!
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Well, 30-1 continues to be blank tonight during "Return Of Jedi", So, as of yet, there is still no widescreen in SW Ohio.

Sent WRGT an email yesterday, asking if they were going to pass Fox 16x9, I still haven't heard back from them.
I called WRGT/WKEF (Channels 30 and 51) today and talked with the chief engineer. Very nice guy, can't remember his name.

He indicated that they will be "flipping the switch" for Leno within a few days. Expect to see the Derby in HD this Saturday.

He said not to expect to see 30-1 (Fox) anytime soon because of the expense of running the equipment and little reason to do it. 30-2 is broadcasting in SD.
Gindie, did he happen to say if they planned to be up 24/7 at this time on WRGT-DT?

I've just recently turned on the HDTV, the first time since last night, and noticed that WRGT-DT seems to be off the air at the current time.

With a new station things like this are to be expected, but thought I'd give the folks trying to pull in WRGT-DT from farther out that they are currently off air, which signifies, for the near future at least, they might not be up 24/7.

Thanks for the coordinates. Looks like I need to try 5 degrees to the west. So I'm headed into the attic in a while with the portable TV. Figure if I can get 22 to clear up, 51 should at least TRY to come in.

What I find hysterical is that I can't get WBQC-CA very clearly at all. I know they're low power, but, at 12 miles from my HAAT I ought to be able to do as well as the cruddy picture Insight Cable has. Another reason I need to do battle with the HOA (I'm sure you've seen THAT thread)

"Crossing Jordan" was HD on WKEF-DT tonight :)

It looked a bit soft, but no different than the PQ from WLWT-DT NBC Cincinnati. However, I might have been a bit biased by how excellent "Notting Hill" looked tonight On WCPO-DT(ABC Cincy).
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