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I had a functional media sharing network established with a server, 2 xbox 360's and a PC. All worked fine using a WRT54G as the router, and 2 wireless bridges to connect the XBOX360's.

Well I decided to upgrade my router to a WRT310N, which caused my media sharing to the XBOX not to work. The xbox can see the computer (usually), can connect to the internet, but once the PC is selected, it says 'cannot connect to the computer'.

I flashed the router to DD-WRT, and played with various settings, turning multicast filtering on and off, enabled QOS and optimizing for gaming. Nothing. It works extremely sporadically (about 10% of the time).

I plugged the WRT54G back in, and everything went back to working perfectly.

So I'm planning on returning the WRt310N, but my question is twofold: first, what might be causing this? Second, are any other new linksys router owners seeing this and should I be considering switching brands?
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