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I didn't find my exact issues with a search so here goes.

I have a Mitsubishi WS-55511 and it has been great ... until now. It's showing it's age some - I have burn in bars on the left and right but now I have real problems.

I had the Momitsu V880 and it is now unable to load most DVDs. I haven't tried older ones that I knew it could because, frankly, it was irrelevant. I suspect either it's wearing out or new media or protection schemes are preventing it from working. In any event I bought a new Blu-ray player and hooked it up.

My TV has always (for several years) had problems with bright white screens and big bright flashes. The top of the screen would "squish" and the screen would reset - go all black and come back several seconds later. It happened on bright commercials mostly but it could happen almost every day and it was predictable - I would see a big white screen and I would say "pop" then pop - reset. Now, with the new DVD player it happened 20+ times on the new Star Trek movie. Totally unacceptable. Before I dump money into a new TV I thought I would see if it was salvageable. The only other symptom is that the picture seems to be too big for the screen - content is off screen. I would appreciate it if anyone has any info on whether this is a fixable problem or should I just start looking for something new. I'm no videophile as I still think the picture is pretty awesome - when it's stable.

Thanks in advance.
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