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Hi again, found another one on the street. WS-65513.

This one started off with the blinking light issue (blinks forever). Google suggested replacing 4 caps, so while waiting for these caps to arrive, I simply did the "reset button trick" and watched TV until I could get the caps replaced.


The TV refused to turn on. At that point, I had to wait for the caps for sure. When the caps arrived, I replaced them (as well as the two fuses). The endless blinking no longer occurs even after plugging it in.

Yes, so I plugged it in, waited a "few seconds" for boot-blinking to stop. When I powered it on, I hear the on click, then immediately an off click.

Could the DM have fried? Or could watching TV with bad caps have damaged another part of the TV?

Considering ordering a brand new DM module (whenever one appears for less than 100 dollars. Apparenly 3 years ago there was one on ebay that sold for $75 (working). Ugh...
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