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Hey guys, if anyone knows a place below that might work please let me know.

Being from Vancouver (Canada) I'm not really aware of the tech places in Washington State.

I know that worst case I could get Circuit City or Best Buy to pricematch a place from nextag.com or pricematch.com or something but I'd rather go to the closest possible place to the border that could meet my needs below.




Hello North-West Washington State dealers:

I am a person living in Vancouver (Canada) who is starting up a business and need some TV’s.

If your business is either in Seattle or (preferably) North of Seattle (e.g. between Seattle and the border) then I might be interested in buying some TV’s from you.

Here’s the deal. I need at LEAST 5 TV’s for my business.

The prices in the US are hundreds of dollars cheaper (per TV) than the prices in Canada, despite the fact our exchange rate is nearly identical. So it behooves me to rent a U-haul truck and pickup the TV’s from the US and pay what ever border fees are required.

So this is what I need from you:


Your best pricing on the following TV’s:

Panasonic 42PX75

Panasonic 50PX75

HL67A750 (I don’t have to have this model so if you don’t have access to this model it is ok but I NEED you to have access to Panasonic plasma models above).


And whatever the cheapest flat panel (e.g. LCD or Plasma) 42”, 46-47”, and 50” TV you have access to otherwise. (I might go with some cheaper generic models along with or instead of the above Panasonic models).

Keep in mind I know what I want and don’t plan on returning the TV’s, so this should be a no fuss deal.

We haven’t determined how many TV’s we need at 42”, 46”/47”, or 50” so you pricing should be the best pricing for all the sizes above and know that while I will be buying at LEAST 5 TV’s but I may buy 2 of one size, 3 of another, etc.

We want to pickup the TV’s THIS WEEK so I need your pricing as soon as possible.


A guarantee that is the TV is broken within 30 days I can come down there to exchange for a working model.


Don’t need any extended warranty.


I am paying by VISA (because of the purchase protection and business coverage) so you must be able to accept Visa.

Also let me know what type of ID is required for the purchase (otherwise I assume that Drivers License and passport are fine).


What is the state tax percentages and/or any other taxes or miscellaneous fees I need to pay at the Point of Sale.

This way I know the final price I am paying for the TV when I pick it up from you (e.g. I’ll figure out the border taxes myself).


What is your address (so I can figure out how far the drive would be).


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Originally Posted by krotchy /forum/post/14282647

Just a question, why are you looking at buying last years model Panny and not this years?

To be honest, PX80 (2008) or PX75 doesn't really make a big difference to me as they are very similar.

Don't need 1080P models because of the distance away people will be from the screens, as well as it is a cost issue as well (trying to get 42-50" televisions within a certain price range).

Do you know a place that has last years models for sale for a good price?

(Keeping in mind, for example, that Costco has the 42PX80 for $900, and price search engines show it can go as low as $800 each).

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