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wtvf Nashville

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and HDTV. I have a couple of quick questions about wtvf(cbs local affiliate). Do they transmit CBS's 5.1 signal for sporting events? The AFC championship game Sunday was the firts game I've been able to watch and I only got pro-logic. I can't find anything on WTVF's website about whether they have 5.1 capability. Secondly, on CSI Miami last night the audio seemed to be screwed up and have a strange echoing effect. Did anyone else notice this? Sorry for the dumb questions.
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Welcome to HD. It's good to know our numbers are growing in Nashville. I honestly can't recall watching a 5.1 show on WTVF but I don't know if that's because CBS doesn't do much in 5.1 or if it's a local issue.

I didn't watch CSI last night (it was a repeat plus the Predators were on) so I can't give an answer for that question. I did flip over for a couple of minutes, but I didn't notice anything odd.
I think CBS shows are only in Pro-logic I will check with their tech director and check. As far as the sound issue, CBS has been having problems with a constant "clicking" that elevates with the loudness of the show. They are aware of it and every time we report it it seems to go away for a while.

And Durl, Shame on you, you should have been AT the game we need as many fans to come to the games as we can get I would hate to lose this team in the future due to attendance. Oh well at least you follow them. It is always good to hear others pushing the preds :).

By the way if either of you are interested we are trying to get together a Nashville HT group for some get togethers and general fun. Go over to the "area home theater meets" section and respond.
Yes, I know CBS's scripted shows are only in pro-logic. However, their live events such as the AFC championship game this past Sunday are in 5.1. I was hoping to find out if wtvf carries the live events with the 5.1 sound that CBS provides or only in pro-logic.

The problem with CSI Miami wasn't clicking. It was more like the dialogue was coming from every speaker rather than just the center channel.

I'm not much of a predators fan. I'm a Titans guy.
Here is the response with regards to DD5.1

"The only non sports program I remember being in 5.1 was the Grammy awards.

Some sports programs including the Super Bowl are 5.1. We could have

carried last weekends football game in 5.1 but chose not to due to our

"clicking" problem which seems related "intermittently" to our 5.1

equipment. As you know we removed a piece of 5.1 gear from our chain and

the clicking problem went away. We reinstalled it and still did not have

the problem for at least two weeks then it reappeared. We removed it again

about a week ago because we did not want a problem on the football game.

CBS will provide the Super Bown in 5.1 and we plan to transmit 5.1. We are

going to staff both the studio and transmitter with engineering personnel

and monitor from home as well so we can disable the 5.1 in the event the

clicking appears on the super bowl. I expect everything will be OK but we

want to be prepared."
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Thanks bluepred. Now I know they can carry the 5.1 feed and will do so for the superbowl. I hope they have the clicking problem corrected.
Let me just add that last Sunday's AFC Championship game was the first time in months that a game with a 5.1 feed from the network wasn't in 5.1 on WTVF. My guess (and this is just a guess) is that someone forgot to change a setting at the station. I would have called the station to ask/remind them, but we had friends over and audio wasn't a big priority for me.

Read the quote from two posts earlier from the chief engineer at WTVF he explaines why.

Thanks, I started reading the quote earlier and quit after two sentences for some reason. Thus, I missed the good part.

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