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I'm somewhat new to this forum and am looking for some assistance.

As the title suggests, i am attempting to produce quality 3D playback by possibly using x 2 LCD projectors.

I currently have a Sony HS 51 and would consider purchasing a 2nd if this would allow me to produce "IMAX" like quality images (movies)

I've looked every where and it is inconclusive if this is possible or not, even with the "Stereoscopic" software.

Can anybody help as i would be eternally grateful

Thanks - Simon.

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I think it is possible but would probably prove very expensive. As far as i know Stereoscopic Player dous "dual output" so that solves the synching issues but then, as far as I understand it, you would need polarising filters and a silver screen along with two same spec LCD projectors. It would cost a lot of money IMO.

My cheap setup is the following:- (you need a good computer of around 3.2Ghz and an Nvidia card that does page flip...mine is the Geforce 8400GS.

Xtreme 3D system shutter glasses (cost around £15 ($30)

Stereoscopic Player (£30 ($50-$60)

A 3D compatible DLP projector (I bought the Infocus X1 second hand for £100 ($160-$200)

I get excellent 3D on a 76" screen using Stereoscopic Player, side by side layout and page flip output. The 3D looks awesome. The only drawback is that this particular projector is not HD..800 x 600 native resolution. I can live with that though as most of my 3D movie are on DVD at the moment.

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