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X-Fi outputting digital....

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I listen to music via my X-Fi XtremeMusic's SPDIF output which is going to a Harman Kardon receiver. I use bit-perfect playback in the Creative ctrl panel to get 44.1khz. We all know how big a difference a soundcard's analog performance varies from model to model, not to mention using different opamps, but what about digital out?

I'm pretty sure I'm wasting my time considering getting an Auzentech card since I'm only doing digital, but since we're basically talking about pre/pro use, would I hear any difference in PCM audio sound quality using an X-Meridian for digital out? Or any other soundcard w/ SPDIF out for that matter?
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Your receiver is doing the work when your going digital and alot of receivers don;t have very good Digital receiver units in them. Even HK's. On the subject of XM alot of people noticed the card sounded better running analog then alot of receivers did running digital.

Hope that clears up the questions....
By "digital units" are you referring to DACs?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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