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I'm looking for some new speakers for a downstairs multi-use room, which will be used as a HT among other things. The speakers will be about 80% HT/Sports/TV and 20% music. It is prewired for a 7.1 system, but I'll probably just go 5.1 for now and would actually rather use ceiling speakers for the last two if I ever add them due to the layout of the room.

The two systems that "seem" to be the best bang for the buck are the AV123 and Ascend systems as follows:


2 - X-MTM Encore for front LR

1 - X-CS Encore for C

2 - X-LS Encore for rear LR


2 - CMT-340SE for front LR

1 - CMT-340SE for C

2 - CBM-170SE for rear LR

I have a sub that I will use for now, and will upgrade to a SVS, HSU, AV-123 or similar probably later in the year.

Thoughts? Any other systems I should be looking at in this price range?

The room is roughly 22' x 28' (9-1/2' ceilings), but the viewing area is a smaller part of the overall room.

Here is a floorplan very similar to what we have (as far as the Media Room), with the TV sitting on top of the fireplace in the room: FLOORPLAN

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Love the house!

Two different price points, sizes, aesthetics, and not to mention....sound.

There are plenty of threads, opinions, and professional reviews(not for the Encores yet though) on each. Take advantage of the trial periods and order the L/R for each set....then you'll know exactly what kind of money you are willing to spend and for what.

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The x encores would actually be a little more expensive than the Ascends. Before shipping, the x encores would be $1247 and the Ascends $1118.

I do think the x series definitely has the edge in the looks department, but I'm more concerned with performance.

Also, you mention the different sound between the two. Do you think one is warmer than the other, etc?

Thanks for the advice.

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I have x series speakers in a second (smaller) home theater.

They do have a warm, laid back sound, and I like it that way.

The x-encore series has a new tweeter and crossover, which gives

you a more detailed sound, but not bright. I have the "classic"

series (no longer available).

X speakers IMO are the best bang for the buck speaker available.

I have had alot of speakers in my time...Klipsch LaScalla's,

Altec 19's, Mirage M5si's, Mirage 790's, Mission, Jamo,

Atlantic Tech THX 370's and the list goes on. The x series from

AV123 hold their own, excellent speaker for the price.

I haven't heard the Ascends, but have read alot of good things

about them. If you like a more neutral, detailed speaker, then

maybe the Ascends are the way to go. I prefer a sound signature

which is on the warm side and a little laid back. AV123 is coming

out with kit for the classic series to upgrade them to the encore

series (new tweeter, and crossover).

X series (and Rocket) are second to none in their price range in

the looks/build quality. Beautiful real wood veneers. I kinda

laughed when I ordered mine, 'cause the price was so low, I

thought they could never sell a speaker with that type of finish

and also sound good. I was wrong, they are great speakers....

just my 2 cents....vardo
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