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Posting here in case it's more appropriate. Apologies if I'm not supposed to do so - just trying to get the question to the right forum & thought this might be better. So I'm posting some pictures of our living room since it's easier than trying to describe. We don't want the living room to be all about watching TV (hence off in a corner as opposed to centered on the rear wall), but realistically we'll be watching the majority of our TV (and movies) in here for the coming years. This picture below is basically taken from the place we'll be sitting when watching a movie. You'll note lots of open space here since it makes playing with the twins easiest.

Our 42" TV (way too small for the viewing distance - hope to upgrade to 52" one of these days...though that may still be too small) is mounted to a CLO X-Arm, so while it can be flush (straight) against the wall, we tend to angle it in the direction of the couch where we sit (middle of the room). Looking at the picture above, the wall the right of the TV is essentially flush with the fireplace (in the picture below), so you can see how we're offset.

You can also see that we've got windows on one side & an opening on the other that would cause side speakers (in a 7.1 setup) to be problematic (unless they're ceiling mounted). It seems a 5.1 setup may make more sense - especially if I don't go w/ in ceiling speakers.

What I want to figure out is the least intrusive speaker setup. Doesn't need to be a total home theater experience that blows me away, but I'd like it to be decent. We may eventually mate whatever system to a Sonos or Logitech Squeezebox as well.

I've been leaning toward going with the refurbished Onkyo TX-SR706 in part due to the hope the Audyssey speaker setup would help tune my jacked space.

From the speaker perspective I've been considering in ceiling speakers ( Good Thread Here about the monoprice ones being generally a great bang for the buck) or in wall. Alternatively, I could go with more traditional speakers on stands, but this works better for the back of the room vs. the front (and would be more intrusive).

My big questions is what to do about the front speakers. First, can I even consider in ceiling? I can't really mount on either side of the TV, since if I ever go bigger than 42" they'll be covered (not to mention when the TV is angled on the X-arm it would obstruct the speaker on the right).

I'm guessing my best bet is to do the front & center speakers under the TV in a smile formation). Even at that, if they're flush on the wall they won't be pointed in the right direction (unless I angle them in installation or they're directional even when mounted flush).

Alternavitely I guess I can do both fronts on the far walls (where the TV is & where the Xmas tree is), but if this is an option then where would the center go? Center of the TV (since we're looking at it when watching) or center of the room (in middle of arch)?

As you can tell I'm a total noob. I'm afraid to say I've never contributed much here since I don't have much to offer from an expertise/experience perspective.

Budget wise I'd like to stay under $1K for everything, which leaves me about $500 for speakers after the receiver. Budget is very flexible and could go higher if it's really worthwhile, but since I don't need knock-my-socks-off performance I'd rather not be spending serious coin on the stuff. BTW, I have an old sub that went with my Onyx Rocket Tyke's - would that still work for me?

Thanks much for reading & any replies.
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