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I have bought an X-rite i1 display pro colorimeter and the Spears and Munsil 2-nd edition and I have installed hcfr on my laptop...

I would like to calibrate my samsung d8000 (LED) tv...I am a novice to that kind of calibration and could really need some help with my setup...

I have been looking at the website:




But there the author uses DVE instead of S&M. I bought S&M because it was never (2013) and I thought that the two discs can do basically the same things...Or am I wrong?

In the article above he refers to IRE patters, can someone tell me where I can find them in S&M? Any help would be appreciated!


Looking forward to hear from you guys!



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The Spears & Munsil disc has got the patterns you need to calibrate greyscale under heading "Equal Energy Windows".


When you select "Equal Energy Windows" you will see some further options across the top of the screen, and the one you need to select is "White".  When you enter this option you will be presented with test patterns displaying windows ranging from 0 to 100 IRE .  These are the patterns you'll need to calibrate your greyscale 
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