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Okay... I finished up with the X1. Very nice unit. We watched Lawrence of Arabia and I cannot imagine watching this film on a small screen. Truly magnificent film the likes of which we do not see today. Any-hoo, my demo of the LP650 arrived and here are my impressions after viewing, calibrating (with Avia), etc on the first night.

Oh, here are the major published differences between the two projectors:

X1: 1000 lumens
LP650: 2500 lumens

X1: 800x600 (SVGA)
LP650: 1024x768 (XGA)

X1: 2000:1 Contrast Ratio
LP650: 800:1 Contrast Ratio

Also: LP650 has a 6500K setting and direct component inputs. X1 requires the S-video to component adapter.

So- test one, Moulin Rouge before Avia-style calibrations. Used the THX optimizer, though. The picture was definitely clearer and crisper, and this projector can focus really acutely. Almost too good on the focus- I actually preferred a very slight defocus for DVD viewing. Colors were more vivid and defined on the LP650, but I believe that this was due to the increased resolution of the LP650. Both projectors were fed an interlaced signal from my XP-30, and both projectors use Farouda processing. White level was very good and the image was definitely brighter than the X1 image, although not as much as I would have thought. I would say my wife noticed very little difference in the brightness of the images. What she did notice, and I as well, was that overall contrast and black level seemed superior on the X1- perhaps the contrast ratio specs hold some subjective truth after all.

**Now I must mention a disclaimer. We had a problem with the power cord of the LP650. It does not connect properly or snugly on our demo, and some visible interference appears on the screen as a result. The interference is in the form of horizontal and vertical waves across the screen. The only way to get rid of them is to hold the cord snugly into the back of the unit. But that is not fun. Still, we could see the image cleanly enough of the time to make an accurate assesment of the performance of the LP650.**

Anyhoo- I did the Avia thing and little changed. Black level still does not match the X1, in my opinion. The X1 just allowed to go blacker (or dark greyer) without clipping shadow details.

I love the higher resolution of the LP650. It causes less (or no) apparent screendoor at larger screen sizes and less pixelization on the DVD images. background details are much better defined on the LP650, and this was really apparent in Moulin Rouge and The Matrix. If only that darn black level were better!

After we watched Dr. Zhivago, Rachel said the following: "I think this projector is a little better, but not $1400 better. I expected a lot more." And I agree. If I had to choose, I'd choose the X1, but since I don't have to choose, I choose neither at this point. We love having the big screen and will miss it for the next few months, but current projectors that seem to meet both our criteria are out of our range at the moment. I need the greyscale, color, and resolution. Rachel needs the black level. To get both, we'd have to spend mor ethan willing at this time. So back to the fence for about six months. But who knows what will be released before then...?

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