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x1 component to vesa/vga adapter problems

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i have charter digital cable with and hd box and have a component to vesa adapter from provantage.

i am using ordinary blue-white-yellow vcr cables as my component cables because they always worked for me in the past (dvd to tv), and when i hook up my hdtv cable box to my tv via component jacks everything is fine with that cable.

however, when running hdtv cable box > component to vesa/vga adapter into the X1, i am getting no signal when i choose the vga (computer) input. is the X1 supersensitive to cables or is there something i am missing?
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Be sure the cable box is outputting at 480p, 720p or 1080i. It won't work if it is outputting 480i.

What brand of box is it? If it is Motorola, the settings are available by turning the box off, then hit the Menu button. I suggest you do this while it is connected to your TV rather than the projector, it will just be easier that way in case you select 480i at some point.

p.s. The VCR cable probably is not a good idea. Get a proper component cable. Running 480i from the DVD player is one thing, but 720p and 1080i use much more bandwidth and are more likely to suffer from a poor cable.
sweet that fixed it (i do have a motorolla box). what's the best setting? 480p, 720p or 1080i?

also, when i changed it to 480p, 720p or 1080i i lost the signal in my regular tv (i have the component going into the X1 from the box and a coaxial cable going to my tv from the box), is there any way i will be able to keep my tv hooked up to the box when serving 480p, 720, or 1080i? its no big deal if i can't, i am just wondering.
I'd suggest 1080i, but there isn't a lot of visible difference at the X1's resolution.

On my Motorola 5100 the coaxial still outputs a signal, but you have to have your TV tuned to ch.3, then you'll see whatever is tuned in on the Motorola. The composite and s-video outputs would also work if your TV supports them. But you won't see the Guide on both displays, only on the component output (the X1)... a limitation of the Motorola box.

Or you could add a component switch to the component output and switch it back and forth between the TV and the X1.

If you want to watch something different on the TV than on the Motorola then you'll have to split the cablevision coax before it goes to the Motorola.

There's a good Motorola FAQ here:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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