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Hello guys my second x1 bulb gave up on me after around 1000 hrs of use the first one had died after 850 hrs so i am a little dissapointed.

i can get a bulb from the for 300 usd or decide to upgrade or change the PJ eventhough the budget is tight since i just got married.

But the real question is do i need to or will i see any difference with my present setup and what i am watching ( besides being not so near future proof , no HDTV around the corner )

İ have a marantz dv6500 hooked up to my x1 with 50 feet component cable, i think i will stick with the dvdplayer and my cables but if you advise me that i should by a new dvd player with a hdmi and change my cable as well that is another upgrade which will be costly right now and which i rather not go into unless i really have to.

I am mainly watching TV and DVD's at home (living in TURKEY btw) no hd material. I believe the standart resolution of DVD is 480p, the real thing i dont know is will i see any difference of quality when watching a dvd or standart tv on a 720p native PJ compared to a 480p PJ.

Any upgrade from my old x1 must make a visible difference i assume, eventhough it was well rated when it first came out the technology just moves pretty fast and even an in72 will do some difference, my eye is on the in76 which very surprisingly cost less then the US price in Turkey (where most electronics are almost the double price in Turkey) or something less expensive like a hd72 or even hd70 which i will have to buy from abroad since optoma prices in Turkey are almost double compared to US or Europe

But the main question here is it worth changing the pj and will it make a difference for me that is ??

Thanks in advance for the feedbacks
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