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Just took my lamp out for a clean.... bit dusty :)

Any hooo notice looking down where the light would "shoot" out the lens thingy that a bit around the centre lamp bit on the reflector is sort of damage. Looks like its a bit cracked/flaking almost like its scratched sort of thing.

Is this normal? A sign of something? Tis likely to give problems?

Lamp has 1400hours on it.

The PJ was in for repair at 500hours as the "board" stuffed up, unit still worked but fan didn't!!! So it ran for many hours without a fan, the "smell" alerted me to such.

The thing was like 1-2 weeks out of 3months and the bastards would not give me a new lamp but said they would "note" it and "look into something" if had problems. Now im guessing such probably expired within the same week :) haha

My guess is perhaps its due to overheating, which probably means im also likely to see the "claimed" 4000hrs i paid for.

I think i will give them a ring/email though expect nothing. The "were" the local distributor, however not anymore.
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